Andres Zapata

< Software Engineer / UI Developer />

Over 7 years of experience working with the Front End

Programming Languages:

  • JavaScript,
  • PHP,
  • Ruby,
  • Python


  • React,
  • TypeScript,
  • NextJS,
  • NodeJS,
  • Webpack,
  • Vite,
  • Laravel,
  • RoR

Evergreen Skills

Evergreen SkillsExcellent CommunicationAttention to DetailContinuous LearningCode ReviewsDebuggingContinuous RefactoringSimple/Readable CodeBuild/Follow Project StandardsPair ProgrammingFront-End TestingMentoringCollaboration & TeamworkAnalytical and Problem-Solving skillsDocumentation

I am a problem solver with over 9 years of programming experience. I have a strong background as a Full Stack Developer, having worked with PHP/Ruby/NodeJS on the Back End, but what I enjoy the most is working as a Front End Developer, transforming beautiful and complex designs into great user interfaces usingJavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

I have helped companies build and transform digital products using JavaScript/TypeScript, React, NodeJS CSS, NextJS, Laravel, Wordpress, jQuery, MySQL, PHP, and Ruby/Rails, to name a few. I'm passionate about learning and sharing knowledge. I love to experiment and take on challenging projects.

For the last 7 years, I have been working heavily on user-facing features using JavaScript, React, and CSS, with an emphasis and high expertise in unit tests and end-2-end tests, using Jest,, vite, and

I’m perseverant, and can work perfectly on my own, or as part of a team. I am also flexible and a quick learner. I have experience leading small teams and I love cross-functional collaboration.

I'm an excellent communicator, not only can I speak to computers, but to people as well, and last but not least, I am in love with what I do ♥️